Examples Page

Please note: These are improvised jams done while testing preamps. I have fun doing this, but I simply cannot take the time for the punch-ins and re-recording of parts necessary to make them "finished" pieces of music. I am not too embarrassed by their flaws, so here they are ...

Most examples have a little reverb and a gently applied peak limiter on the stereo mix. There is no EQ, compression, nor other more complex effects like noise reduction or aural exciter. Most tracks are recorded through an inexpensive LDC mic. A few were recorded through a Mojave Ma-100 small condenser. I also use a Shure 58 where noted, because it is so well known. Electric guitar and bass are recorded DI. The preamps were fed into a Lucid 24/96 ADC and recorded in Sonar.

These were recorded through a few different rebuilt Ampex 601 preamps:
Acoustic fretless bass, acoustic guitar, ride cymbal
Acoustic and electric Guitar
Acoustic guitar, electric bass, cymbal, percussion
Guitars w/ hand drums
Guitars, nature sounds, percussion
Acoustic guitars, tenor sax, percussion, elec bass
2 classical guitars

This was recorded with a Gates thing I used for a mic preamp chassis:
A humorous sloppy jam with sax, Tbone, percusssion, voice, fretless bass

These are examples from rebuilt Ampex 350 electronics:
Funky jam - electric bass and guitar were DI thru the 350
Bass, 2 guitars, percussion

This is from a very modified Ampex PR-10 electronics:
Percussion, guitars, clarinet, fiddle

LAmpex examples: (The LAmpex is a 601 preamp and LA-2A clone, built in the 601 chassis)

This version is completely dry. No EQ or processing of any kind except conversion to mp3:
Salary Salt (dry and raw)
This version has some basic effects applied:
Salary Salt (w/FX)
Voice 1(description of features)
Voice 2
Classical Guitar
Acoustic guitar
(recorded through a Studio Projects C-1 mic using an external phantom power supply. No EQ, effects, or processing except for a touch of reverb.
The LAmpex was showing about 5 to 10 dB of peak reduction on the meter and was set to "limit" mode.)

Some more 601 preamp files:

Voice test file (192 kbps mp3)
Demonstration and description of features. Note: From the 2:08 minute mark on, the mic is the Studio Projects C-1.

Music test file (192 kbps mp3) .
acoustic guitar x 2, electric guitar plugged into the mic input with a matching transformer, bass guitar plugged into the line input. By the way, at the end I simply moved the guitar closer to the mic for that long sustain. Pay special attention to the obnoxious string slaps of the acoustic. The reproduction of those slaps shows off the transient response and headroom of the preamp.

Music test file #2 (192 kbps mp3)
acoustic guitar x 2, tenor sax, trombone x 2, cabasa (The sax, t-bones, and cabasa were recorded with the built in mic pad turned on.)

No EQ, noise reduction or other trickery.