This is my favorite mic channel/preamp. The LAmpex is an LA2A clone with a switchable mic preamp circuit from the Ampex 601. (EF86 +12AY7) The HA-100x input transformer takes the place of the Ampex mic transformer for the mic preamp as well as the LA2A circuit. I want to credit CJ at prodigy-pro for all his excellent work on the LA2A circuitry, sourcing of parts, etc. Without his knowledge, this project would still be in development.

Sample files
These files have had no processing applied at all, not even normalizing. I did some editing for content (cut and paste) but no effects, EQ, etc. They were recorded with a beat up old Shure SM-58. I hope you'll listen to the FLAC files (lossless, open source, MAC compatible) but I am also providing MP3's for those who insist on listening to deteriorated content. ;^)

Note: Some browsers do not handle FLAC links well. You need to download the file to your system, so you may need to "Right click" or whatever to accomplish this. (Don't try to stream the FLACs.)

Voice - MP3 or FLAC
Spoken description and demonstration of the LAmpex using it like an LA2A (line in mode.)

Voice 2 - MP3 or FLAC
Same thing using the built in mic preamp .

Guitar - MP3 or FLAC
Some acoustic guitar noodling and a short singing example. (Lisa) When the guitar gets very quiet, it is intended to show the sensitivity and noise level of the device. I am barely touching the strings. There is no lowering of the level except that I was playing as close to nothing as I could.