Ampex PR-10 mono

This unit has been significantly modified. The reproduce amp has been reconfigured as a second mic preamp channel with a UTC A-11 input transformer. The original mic preamp is still present with its Beyer input transformer. Both preamp circuits use a 12ax7. The 2 channels are mixed together (using the level controls on the front) and then fed to the master gain and output section (6DJ8.) Of course, this unit has been completely recapped, re-resistored, DC heater power, etc.

Here is an example file made by the owner comparing the Ampex to a V72:

Channel 1 has a pad. This unit doesn't have as much gain as my 601 based preamps. It is intended more for condenser and dynamic mikes. Passive ribbons may require more gain. The Beyer is prone to overloading, so I put a pad on that channel. (Channel 1)