Ampex 601 Dual Mono Basic

This unit has two matched Ampex 601 preamp circuits, rebuilt with modern capacitors and resistors supporting the vintage transformers and tubes. It has improved grounding and better power filtering for lower noise than the original. The tape related electronics have been removed and repurposed as the second preamp channel. The "rec cal" pots have been replaced with new pots and knobs (the gold ones) for easy adjustment of what is essentially a master gain control. Below them we have the line / Instrument inputs and the line level controls. This unit came with a hole drilled in the front, so I installed the bezel and a neon light just for looks.

In the picture below, one can see red and green dots next to the tubes. The red dots indicate the right channel and green for the left. All the labels next to the tubes are correct.

There was also a switch installed for speed selection (bottom right.) It is now the right mic / line switch.

When unpacking this unit, insert hands as shown and lift out foam with unit.

The guts: